Freshman Year - Self-Assessment, Career Awareness & Planning

Before choosing a career path or making a transition, you must first know yourself. It is important to learn about who you are, what you like, and what is important to you when thinking about majors and careers.  Make these discoveries through academics, clubs & organizations, athletics, and all of the experiences you will have in your first year.

In partnership with the Career and Professional Development Office

  • Schedule a meeting with a Career Advisor to talk about your interests, explore majors and consider career options. Work with a Career Advisor to develop an individualized career plan.
  • Become familiar with your account on UC CareerNet, the Ursinus  job and internship database. 
  • Log on to FOCUS 2 and complete a comprehensive self-assessment tool to identify personal interests, abilities, values and personality preferences. Use your results, experiences and aspirations to write a personalized Action Plan On FOCUS 2.
  • Visit Career and Professional Development on “Walk in Wednesdays” for drop in hours and learn how to build the foundation of your first professional resume.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Career and Professional Development Web page and the many links and resources.
  • Attend relevant career programming, workshops and events.
  • “Like” Career and Professional Development on Facebook to get hot tips and event information.
  • Explore the “What Can I Do With This Major?” section of the Career and Professional Development Website.  
  • Consider participating in an Externship - a program dedicated to helping students explore major and career options by shadowing Ursinus alumni in the workplace.
  • Plan early for career-related summer work.

In partnership with Faculty and the Academic program

  • Talk to faculty and review the Ursinus Catalog to research majors.
  • Take a variety of courses to explore majors.
  • Meet regularly with your first year academic advisor to make a smooth transition to Ursinus and to discuss academic and career goals.
  • Concentrate on your studies and earn good grades. Good grades can mean more options down the road.
  • Attend the Major Minor Expo to learn more about Ursinus majors and minors.
  • Make a tentative selection of major if you are able.

Personal reflection and Action

  • Start gathering information on careers you are interested in pursuing.
  • Explore career choices by reaching out to Ursinus Career Ambassadors and other personal contacts to set up informational interviews.
  • Meet other students and begin building your own network. Ultimately, you will support each other in your career pursuits.
  • Get involved! Attend the Student Activities Fair to see what student organizations are available.
  • Visit UCARE to see how you can become involved with community service activities.
  • Review and reflect on your social media presence and consider making your profiles private.
  • Start documenting your experience and accomplishments by creating a professional portfolio.
  • Consider if and where study abroad might fit into your four year career and academic action plan.
  • Think about how you might like to satisfy the Independent Learning Experience requirement.