Sophomore Year - Career Exploration, Gaining Experience and Leadership Development

Once you know yourself better, you can begin to move forward in the decision-making process. Connect what you learned about yourself to options that are right for you.

In partnership with the Career and Professional Development Office

  • Meet with your career advisor to begin developing a career plan.
  • Learn how your preferences, interests and personal qualities relate to careers by using FOCUS 2. Review and update your FOCUS 2 Action Plan and make revisions or additions based on your summer events.
  • Gather more information about careers by using resources on the Career and Professional Development Web page and talking with alumni in the Career Ambassador program. Conduct informational interviews.
  • Prepare your resume for summer job/internship applications.  Emphasize new skills developed in the classroom, volunteer work, and student organizations.
  • Update your profile on UC CareerNet and upload your revised resume.
  • Find job shadowing and mentorship opportunities through the Extern program.
  • Search and apply for meaningful summer experiences, including internships.  
  • Start clarifying and confirming your career choice by gaining career-related work experience.
  • Learn about graduate school opportunities.
  • Attend relevant Career and Professional Development workshops, programs, and events.
  • Check out what recent graduates are doing with their Ursinus degree on the UC Career Webpage (look for Destination survey).
  • View our Career Spots Videos to learn about resumes, cover letters, thank you notes and interviewing.
  • Attend the Job, Internship and Networking Fair in February.

In partnership with Faculty and the Academic program

  • Attend the Major Minor Expo.
  • Finalize your choice of major if you have not already done so.
  • Get to know faculty within your major. Build relationships with your professors- the better they get to know you, the more they can help and advise you.
  • Continue to meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on track.
  • Explore Study Abroad opportunities and plan for an international experience.
  • Develop written and verbal communication skills and be able to demonstrate that you can think critically and analyze complex situations.
  • Research academic fellowships and scholarships and opportunities for scholarly research

Personal reflection and Action

  • Reflect on your summer employment - note significant accomplishments or things you did that you liked and disliked.
  • Volunteer!
  • Join a student organization and consider developing your leadership skills by chairing a committee or running for an executive position.
  • Join professional organizations relevant to your field of interest.  Check out their sponsored regional meetings and networking events.
  • Review and reflect on your social media presence and consider making your Facebook and Twitter profiles private.
  • Continue documenting your experience and accomplishments in your professional portfolio.
  • Reflect on your past while you take action toward your future goals.