Qualtrics Survey Software

Still Using Checkbox????
(Checkbox will be retiring in May 2014)

Ursinus College has purchased a campus license for the Qualtrics Online Survey Software.  As a result, use of Checkbox will be phased out starting with the creation of new surveys. Going forward, ALL new surveys need to be created in Qualtrics.  Checkbox surveys can NO LONGER COLLECT responses.  This move is designed to better serve members of the Ursinus community in gathering data using a full service survey tool. Training in Qualtrics usage can be obtained by watching the video below or by contacting Instructional Technology to register for a live-online training presented by a Qualtrics representative. (Surveys you created in Checkbox will not be brought over or available in Qualtrics, you will need to recreated the surveys in Qualtrics.)

The direct link to the Qualtrics login page is www.ursinus.qualtrics.com and can be found on the UC Gateway (you must be logged in) then click on the "Tools" tab. An account will be automatically created for you when you login.

Please contact instructionaltechnology@ursinus.edu with survey questions and to attend/schedule training.

Archiving your Survey and Data From Checkbox

Directions for Exporting Results in Checkbox
Checkbox Save/Print Tutorial for Chrome
Checkbox Save/Print Tutorial for IE and Firefox

Qualtrics Training Video

To view a high quality training video when you are on campus or connected to the VPN. Open "Computer" click fileshare(\\homer)(U:) then open the Qualtrics folder.  Click on the "QulatricsTraining.mov" video to view.
View a lower quality video below.


Checkbox Login
(Retiring May 2014)

Qualtrics Login

Qualtrics Help (search page)

Qualtrics Training Video

Archiving Surveys and Data from Checkbox

Qualtrics will be the primary provider of support for this product.

Their contact information is:
Email: support@qualtrics.com
Phone: 800-340-9194 (9am-8pm EST)
Web Site: http://www.qualtrics.com/university/