Allison Frymoyer, 2015

Psychology Major

Quick Facts

Family Guidance Center
Wyomissing, PA
Summer 2013, unpaid



Allison Frymoyer, a Junior Psychology major, interned at the Family Guidance Center this past summer. This opportunity allowed her to shadow psychologists and learn more about substance abuse therapy, its process, and the role a psychologist plays in the ongoing recovery process. Allison shadowed psychologists at the Family Guidance Center during one hour long therapy sessions with adult recovery patients. Frymoyer dedicated eleven to fifteen hours a week at this center, meeting with and observing the everyday life of stable adults with previous substance abuse history. “It was interesting to see the disorders that I’ve learned about in class manifest themselves and see real patients.” Allison was not only exposed to conversational therapy sessions, but also the particulars of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, also known as DBP Therapy.

Skills Utilized

At the Family Guidance Center, Allison primarily shadowed psychologists, allowing her to utilize her critical thinking and analysis skills. She also expanded upon her listening skills when in the therapy sessions, as well as being able to converse with the patients.


Allison was able to meet a lot of professionals in her area of study, and was also offered an internship for graduate school with the Family Guidance Center.

Future Implications

For Frymoyer, this internship solidified her desire to work in the psychology field with the particular disorders she observed this past summer. “I know I want to work with patients like the ones I met and got to know this summer at my internship.”


“Internships are a great way to network; do it even if you are nervous,” stated Allison. She greatly enjoyed her internship and the people she met, and is excited for her future in the field of Psychology.