Hunter Cole, 2015

Business and Economics Major

Quick Facts

New Visions Studio and Gallery
Scranton, PA
Summer 2013, unpaid



Hunter Cole previously interned at New Visions Studio and Gallery in Scranton, PA. This art gallery holds multiple exhibits for local artists and hosts a variety of art forms. The end of the month and weekends are their busiest times because of the number of events held at the venue. Hunter worked from 11:30 to 6:00. She worked this shift two days a week, as well as on Fridays and Saturdays when needed. Cole’s main responsibilities were maintaining the showroom, art class room, store, and entryway as well as the front steps if needed and checking the inventory. She would also retrieve mail and open the building to the public and man the cashier's desk. Answering the phones was another of her responsibilities, along with trying to advertise the classes held to the general public. “I would answer any questions that our customers had, or inquiring artists had about the shows and whatnot. On our bigger days I was responsible for various things from those jobs to added tasks like manning the food table, signing in guests, checking in artists, and running through paperwork with the artists for First Fridays.”

Skills Utilized

Throughout his internship, Hunter utilized communication and organization skills, writing, problem solving, time management, and efficiency skills. She stated: “these were all areas that I was decent in before, but I was able to add to them through this experience.”


Hunter enjoyed having a boss who could report on her behavior and progress in the internship, and values the connections she made at the New Visions Studio and Gallery. She still possesses and values these connections, even though this art gallery went out of business in August of 2013.

Future Implications

Cole originally chose this internship because she wanted to gain more insight into what it means to be a small business owner. She still does, but was able to gather an increased insight into what this entails. “It made me realize the hardships that come with owning one's own business. There are many obvious commitments like financial, time, and things of that nature, but then there are issues like getting the right people to work for you and trusting those individuals with your baby so to speak. It opened my eyes to just how much goes into this process of owning your own business.”


The advice I would give is to be open-minded about your position. It may not be the dream internship, but you can make the best out of it, so remain optimistic. Also, try to become more involved in asking questions.” Hunter also cautions that failures may occur along the way, but it is important to preserve and learn from them.