Dominick Knowles, 2015

Double major in Music and English

Quick Facts

Penguin Group (USA)
New York, NY
Summer 2013, paid



Dominick Knowles is a junior English major who recently completed his internship with The Penguin Group in New York City, after sending them a copy of his resume and transcript. This nine to five internship, which took place from June 3 to August 10, involved working in the marketing area of the company. One aspect of this was editing and creating book jacket backs for novels before they are published. During this assignment, Knowles would insert jpeg images onto the page, as well as edit the summaries. He was even given the opportunity to edit David Letterman’s boss’ book jacket before it was published. Later, Dominick edited manuscripts sent to The Penguin Group. Not only did this internship involve editing, it also involved making a blog for the department and monitoring various Penguin group social media accounts. Knowles was the only intern in his department, but would attend weekly meetings with forty other interns who worked in other departments within The Penguin Group.

Skills Utilized

During this internship, Knowles utilized oral presentation skills acquired throughout his educational career. “It helped me talk to higher level members of the company, such as the CEO, easily. His bosses also wanted a similar type of writing akin to the academic writing he has done in college.


Dominick still keeps in touch with boss and was also offered a job within The Penguin Group. He is currently a freelance employee, which allows him to continue making connections and associating with the company. “My bosses have opened other doors for me.”

Future Implications

Participating in this internship made Dominick realize that he is “not a nine to five person.” He had previously considered working in publishing, but is now certain that he wants to attend graduate school as soon as he graduates to become an English professor.


“You have to be prepared to be bored,” stated Knowles, “You’re given a list of assignments to do with a deadline, and getting them done early isn’t as special as when you complete an assignment in school.” Dominick did enjoy having some free time and flexibility to think when he completed assignments early. He also believes that paid internships also teach you what to do with a paycheck. “You’re more practical when you’re working nine to five Monday through Friday, and receiving money for that work every two weeks.”