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Bears Make History...Literally

Students involved with the #BearsMakeHistory course at Ursinus delivered presentations on December 8th, 2017.

#BearsMakeHistory is a class offered at Ursinus College that combines English with History and is taught by Kara McShane (English) and Susanna Throop (History). It implements a digital, public perspective on topics and objects from the Ursinusiana Archive. On December 8th, five groups presented their projects showcasing their research for about five minutes each. These included: “Read Between the Letters” by Paige Szmodis and Mya Flood, “Legends of Ursinus College” by Cat Urbanski and Leah Jarvis, “No More Blue Skies” by Colleen Becker and Carl Christoph, “UC Presidents” by Kayla Weil, and “Bears With Booze” by Sam Member and Daniel Berger.


Berger, a senior English major, described how each team created a website in order to display their information and projects. After the presentations ended, every group was able to ask and answer questions regarding their discoveries. He mentioned his experience, “Our group, “Bears with Booze” presented on the history of alcohol policy at Ursinus. We stayed within the 5 minutes, and overall, the presentation was well-received. Many people came to our table and told their own stories of experiences with alcohol in college, and those we had worked with directly congratulated us on pulling such a difficult, volatile topic into a readable website and a succinct presentation.”


All projects launched at the end of each semester will be part of the College’s 2019-2020 sesquicentennial celebrations. #BearsMakeHistory still continues to make an impact on the school community and on outsiders today, and its success will resonate within each of its participants. 

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