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UC Student Investment Fund Makes First Contribution to College Budget

The Ursinus College Student-Managed Investment Fund reached a milestone today, making its first contribution - $250 - to the college’s general fund as part of #Giving2UCDay.

Conceived just two years ago by members of the student investment club, the fund now manages about $35,000 and is the focus of a one-credit course open to students of all majors – from first-year students to seniors.

Having built a sustainable foundation with the help of donors and supporters throughout the college community, the fund is now realizing its potential as an educational program and a source of support to the college.

“We are proud to make our first contribution to the college as part of #Giving2UCDay” said Johnathan Myers ’19, an applied economics major who spearheaded the effort to start the fund.

The fund manages two portfolios. One portfolio, managed by more experienced students, seeks stable returns through a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and real estate investment trusts (REITs) from around the world. A second portfolio provides training to beginners through the selection of three to five common stocks per semester. Students also create a newsletter, prospectus, website, and make presentations about their work. In addition to supporting the college’s general operations, the fund seeks to pay for data it uses in its research and field trips.

The fund is part of a growing set of offerings for students at Ursinus who want a liberal arts education while gaining valuable background for careers in finance. These offerings include the opportunity to concentrate in finance and accounting within the applied economics major, a minor in finance and accounting, and the Finance Scholars program, which prepares students for the first round of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. The fund has benefited from the support of a wide swath of the Ursinus community, including the Board of Trustees, the college’s business office, the Business and Economics Department, alumni, parents, and the college’s investment advisor, Hirtle Callaghan & Co. “It’s great that we can involve so many parts of the campus community in this organization,” Myers said. “We look forward to making more, and larger, contributions in the coming years.”

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