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Bears Make History for the Third Time

The groups in Bears Make History presented their final Omeka sites and research.

On December 4th in the Bears’ Den, the three groups in Bears Make History presented their final projects. The groups included various topics. The Curtain Club’s Closing Curtain examined theatre at Ursinus from the 1930s-1968 and Ursinus’ first student-run theatre organization, The Curtain Club. Fall of the Greeks analyzed disappearing fraternities at Ursinus throughout the years and why they were shut down. Bears Make Smoke focused on smoking advertisements throughout Ursinus publications like The Lantern and The Grizzly.

The event was a success, and Dr. Kara McShane and Dr. Lori Daggar were proud of their student’s accomplishments. After the presentations and Omeka showcase, visitors were allowed to rotate around the tables and ask questions to the groups. The event blended formality and informality, making for an incredible morning.

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