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Politics & IR students present research at CoSA 2019

More than 20 majors give talks and poster presentations

Each year, Ursinus College reserves one day for students to present their research and creative projects to the wider campus community. At the 2019 Celebration of Student Achievement event on April 25, over twenty students majoring in Politics and International Relations delivered talks and poster presentations featuring their research and co-curricular work in the fields of Politics and International Relations:

  • Roumaissaa Tailassane presented her Summer Fellows project How Do Integration Policies Affect Immigrants’ Attitudes Towards the Host Country? (mentors: Dr. Rebecca Evans & Dr. Johannes Karreth). Roumaissaa also presented her research on the public policy of Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt (mentor: Dr. Annie Karreth).
  • Anika Backelin-Harrison presented her Honors thesis Politics, Protest and Patience: Human Security in India and South Korea (mentor: Dr. Rebecca Evans). Anika also presented on her experience studying and researching abroad during her junior year: London to Pune: 256 Days Around the World.
  • Rosina Shipman gave a talk summarizing over two years of research, internships, and a Summer Fellows project on Gentrification and Transportation: How New Public Transit Stops Affect Neighborhoods Differently (mentor: Dr. Annie Karreth).
  • Cori Cichowicz presented her Honors thesis Oral Argument Tactics on the Supreme Court Bench: A Comparative Analysis of Verbal Tools Used by Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, and Gorsuch (mentor: Dr. Gerard Fitzpatrick).
  • Julia Adams presented research based on her capstone project and an internship on Drug Policy Variation Across the United States (mentor: Dr. Johannes Karreth).
  • Edward Howlette presented his capstone research on What factors cause insurgent groups to use violence to resist a regime? (mentor: Dr. Johannes Karreth).
  • Kayla Hofmann presented her research on the public policy of The Maternal Mortality Rate in India as it Relates to Political Development (mentor: Dr. Annie Karreth).
  • Graham Cepress-McLean presented his capstone research on Examining War Rhetoric in the Post-War Era (mentor: Dr. Johannes Karreth).
  • Daniel Becker presented his Summer Fellows project Has Academic Freedom Failed? Can Liberalism Defend Academic Freedom? (mentor: Dr. Jonathan Marks).
  • The members of the Ursinus College delegation to the 2019 National Model United Nations conference shared their conference experience and negotiation outcomes in a poster session. The following delegates are majoring in Politics or International Relations: Chelsey Thomas (head delegate), Kayla Hofmann, Shayna Kushner, Aliya Mollah, Rosina Shipman, Roumaissaa Tailassane, Nadia Tsao, Juju Bonilla, Paul Cottam, Maggie Frymoyer, Marcus Mattis, Charlotte Rohrer, Greg Stryker, Garrett Bullock, and Charley Darkes-Burkey.
  • The current cohort of Melrose Fellows presented on their upcoming travel to Puerto Rico. The following Melrose Fellows are majoring in Politics or International Relations: Shayna Kushner, Simra Mariam, and Carver Wolfe.
  • Reverend Terri Ofori and Dr. Rebecca Evans spoke about the Inclusive Community Grant that allowed the following Politics & IR students to attend the 63rd meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations: Aliya Mollah, Maggie Frymoyer, Chelsey Thomas, Kayla Hofmann, and Roumaissaa Tailassane.

Around CoSA day, six students also defended their Honors projects in Politics and International Relations. More information about their projects can be found here.

Congratulations to our students on their successful projects! Honors theses and Summer Fellows projects can be accessed via the UC Digital Commons platform.

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