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#UrsinusSummer: Establishing a Sustainable Food Forest

While Ursinus is developing a sustainable food forest at the WERS farm, Sarah Becker ’20 is spending the summer on an educational component for the public.

Out at the Whittaker Environmental Research Station, Ursinus students are planning a food forest to create sustainable agricultural production. This summer, Sarah Becker ’20, an environmental studies major, is continuing the work as part of her summer fellows research. 

“The long-term goal of the project is to be able to create an ecosystem that produces more food than a natural forest ecosystem would while drawing upon the same basic ecosystem principles,” Becker explains. “Building off of that, my summer fellows work is developing a signage protocol so that it’s easier for people to learn from the environment and to impart more of an environmental awareness and stewardship ethic in people who visit the food forest.” 

Becker hopes that as the food forest develops, her work is used as a resource for years to come. 

“For this project in particular, the end product is going to be something that is so tangible, which is really beneficial to me. I can see how it will be applied to this specific case and how it will impact people,” she says. 

Becker has been involved with urban foraging research as an Ursinus undergraduate.

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