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2020 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Ryan Walvoord, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ryan Walvoord received his B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology and his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He conducted postdoctoral research at UC-Berkeley and joined us at Ursinus in 2016. Dr. Walvoord is a teacher and scholar of organic chemistry.



This year’s recipient joined the Ursinus faculty in the fall of 2016, and he has had a tremendous impact on his students, positively changing their sense of accomplishment and influencing the course of their lives. I am pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching is Dr. Ryan Walvoord, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

Students praise Professor Walvoord for his ability to break down organic chemistry matters into more simple analogies that students of all levels are able to understand. He is patient and thorough, motivates students to learn, and meets with them during extended office hours to insure they thrive. One student , referring to a daily 8:00 am class, remarks that “Dr. Walvoord always found a way to wake us up and get excited about organic chemistry, while another notes, “His class was the reason I fell in love with chemistry and ultimately why I joined his organic chemistry lab.” Further, a student describes Dr. Walvoord’s skill by stating: “He made me enjoy organic chemistry. Understanding the implications of a course beyond the classroom is extremely motivating.”

But it is not only Professor Walvoord’s excellence in teaching that makes students appreciate him. Students comment that It was obvious he loved what he was teaching” and “he always encouraged me and made me believe in myself.” Others recognize that even after students leave Dr. Walvoord’s class, he remains a part of their academic lives and helps them succeed in their other endeavors.” Finally, echoing the sentiments of many of Dr. Walvoord’s students, one acknowledged: “Dr. Walvoord changed my attitude towards my education. Sometimes it is not about the immediate result, but the process it takes to get there. I attribute my success largely to Dr. Walvoord’s teaching and his dedication to his students.”

Please join me in congratulating Professor Walvoord for his outstanding achievement as a teacher.

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