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Kids Going Stir-Crazy? Let Off Some STEAM!

Casey Schwarz shares ideas to inspire interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

This summer, Schwarz will be partnering with Adelle Schade, Director of the Science Research Institute at Albright College, to host a virtual camp aimed at middle and high school students, filled with fun activities, lessons and programs on everything from research design to AR/VR coding.

Schwarz also encourages families to try out some projects with household items. She recommends these websites where you can find fun, kid-friendly, science experiments to try at home:

  1. Science Bob
  2. Bring Science Home from Scientific American
  3. Steve’s Science Minute

Some of the experiments from these sites that Schwarz suggests as a fun summer project are:

  1. Making elephant toothpaste, an exciting foam reaction made with hydrogen peroxide, a catalyst like yeast and soap
  2. Building a hovercraft with a CD, a balloon, a pop-top bottle cap and some glue
  3. Making a levitating orb with a PVC pipe and a balloon
  4. Building a film canister rocket with an old film canister, a fizzy antacid tab, water and some decorations
  5. Making an electromagnet with a large nail, some copper wire, a D size battery and some paper clips

For more information on the camp and to register, click here.

Ursinus faculty and staff are eligible for a discounted rate. Email aschade@albright.edu.

Remember to stay safe, wear your goggles and have fun!-By Mary Lobo ’15

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