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Biology Students in the Lyczak Lab Attend Virtual Developmental Biology Conference

Dr. Rebecca Lyczak and four students from her research lab recently attended the virtual Society for Developmental Biology Conference July 9-15. Originally planned to be held in Chicago, the move to a virtual format made the conference more accessible.

The Society for Developmental Biology graciously waived the registration fee for undergraduates as well. Student attendees from the Lyczak laboratory were Zoe Tesone (2021), Nareen Babaian (2021), Alexis Ayala (2021), and Nicholas Williams (2022). Each student chose sessions to attend based on their current research in the Lyczak lab as well as their future goals. Alexis commented, “It was nice to have something to do while at home each day. I liked how you could use the schedule to plan your attendance each day.”

Nicholas attended talks on regeneration and even made contact with a professor about a potential internship for next summer. Zoe and Alexis attended a workshop on applying to graduate school, which they found very informative. Nareen enjoyed learning about all the different model organisms studied and was able to find some new reagents for her honors project after attending a poster presentation on a similar topic. Zoe commented that so much of the work being done was related to what she learned in her Developmental Biology course at Ursinus. She said, “It was nice to see experiments done, that we learned about in class.”

Professor Lyczak presented a research poster of work in the laboratory and attended sessions on reducing bias in science and teaching developmental biology online. Professor Lyczak remarked, “I thought a virtual conference would be isolating but found it to very accessible and interactive.”

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