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Psychology & Music students collaborate on Summer Fellows research

This summer, Brandon Winfield and myself decided to embark on one of the most interesting virtual journeys to date; creating inspirational and spiritual videos for those in assisted living facilities, such as Frederick Living.

As Brandon and I are both college students, I know that for myself, not being able to finish our spring semesters on campus due to COVID-19 was something unexpected and upsetting to say the least. I began to imagine what it would be like to be living in an environment where you are barred from seeing your loved ones and subjected to stay within the confines of your home. With the guidance of our college chaplain, Reverend Terri Ofori, Brandon and I were able to make our video idea a reality. Recording our videos has become second nature for me. While I know we are making these videos for a greater audience, I feel connected to them myself. Each time Brandon and I record, I can reflect on the scripture readings at hand and how they relate to my own life, listen to the melody of Brandon’s passioned singing, and allow our Words of Inspiration to be guided by the moment and emotions we feel at that time. My own spiritual journey has been heightened through the completion of this project, and as a Chapel Leader and spiritual and religious person myself, I consider this cherished time. I only hope that the joy I feel in creating these videos is felt and reciprocated for our viewers.

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