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HEP Health Professionals Impact Students

Were you aware that a number of HEP Faculty are also Health Professionals? How does that impact the student learning experience?

Several HEP faculty members are health professionals. Alongside their colleagues, these faculty expertly connect studies in the classroom to the real-world, effectively asking the students to consider the essential core curriculum questions in the process.

HEP Classes, such as Health Ethics, Medical Terminology, Exercise Physiology, Pathophysiology and Public Health are providing students with a deeper perspective as to what’s going on in health today by incorporating real world knowledge and experience into the classroom. Sample case study reviews and in-depth class discussions on topics such as body structure and function, epidemiology, kinesiology and ethics provide students with the opportunity to apply concepts learned in text books to broader conversations around various health scenarios and the ability to discuss potential solutions related to human health issues. For students these are particularly meaningful discussions, not only due to the current health crisis but also as they consider a future in health studies. 

Ursinus Quest: Open Questions-Open Minds

What should matter to me?

How should we live together?

How can we understand the world?

What will I do?

~Christine Angermeier

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