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Meet with a DLA Fellow

Why meet with a DLA Fellow?

Scheduling an appointment with a DLA Fellow is a great way to get an extra pair of eyes on a tech project you may be working on. Whether you have nearly finished or haven’t started, DLA Fellows can help you at any step of the way. DLA Fellows are trained in multiple digital tools that can help bring an edge to your class project.


How can I schedule an appointment?

Click this link then click on DLA Fellow Request in the top right-hand corner. At this point, you can fill out the survey to help the DLA Fellows get a better understanding of what kind of project you are looking to work on. You can describe the project, attach the rubric or assignment description, and include the due date for this project. Please include some times that will work for you to expedite the process! After completing this survey, a member of the DLA team will reach out to ask the best time to schedule your appointment.

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If you have trouble accessing the link, contact Instructional Technology (instructionaltechnology@ursinus.edu).

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