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Communications Class Plants Native Garden on Campus

Louise Woodstock, a professor, gardener, and liberal arts devotee, has a mission to teach “the whole student.” Her field is Media and Communications; her focus is embodied learning.

For her Climate and Communications class this spring, that meant gathering native species from southeastern Pennsylvania and planting the insect and bird supporting verdure into an existing mulch bed outside of the Myrin Library. They students worked side by side with the faciltiies department, who helped install the new garden.

“I really wanted to respond to what I think students need,” said Woodstock. “Belonging and making a difference.”

Before she held a doctorate in communications, Woodstock was a kid who loved exploring in the woods outside her hometown of Silver Springs, Maryland. “There was a low mountain ridge that still had original native plants—mountain laurels, native azaleas, oak trees…” Now, she teaches the value of planting native species to support local ecosystems and foster wild environments for tomorrow’s generation of backyard explorers.

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