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BEAR Innovation Student Spotlights

Shining a spotlight on Sung Kim and Trevor Mislan, two students who have been extraordinary at the BEAR Innovation Competition throughout their time at Ursinus College.

Sung Kim ’23, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major

Sung has participated in the BEAR Innovation Competition for the past four years, strengthening his leadership, presentation, and organizational skills, which he hopes to carry into his future in healthcare management.

Sung explains his experience, “As a traditional science student, I never thought of learning business and management. I always had multiple ideas, but I never actually took the time to research them. BEAR Innovation has increased my interest in entrepreneurship because it is necessary to develop any ideas into reality. I am thankful to BEAR Innovation for sparking my interest in these projects. Without my experience from BEAR Innovation, I would not have been as involved in the projects as I am currently.”

Sung continues, “Currently, I am interested in pursuing a career in healthcare management. In the future, I will be in many situations where I need to effectively deliver my projects and rationales. The experience from BEAR Innovation will assist me through the process of project development throughout my life.”

Trevor Mislan ’23, Environmental Studies Major

Trevor Mislan has had immense success at the BEAR Innovation Competition over the past 3 years, taking first place each year. This year he shed light on a very important topic, mental health. He pitched Sentry, an online mental health resource that makes getting help easier for all. Trevor has a natural entrepreneurial spirit, and we are excited to see what he does in the future.

Trevor explains what he learned from the BEAR Innovation Competition, “When I started competing at BEAR Innovation I had no real understanding of how to present or engage in powerful public speaking. Now, three years later, I am lucky in the fact that I have learned enough in those two aspects to the point where I now mentor others on presentation skills and public speaking; all of which would have not happened if I had not been a part of BEAR Innovation.”

Trevor describes BEAR Innovation as instrumental in his professional career, “Bear Innovation to me was a turning point in my professional career, being able to create and present ideas, win, and then actually move forward with those same ideas is something that I would not ever be able to do without the U-Imagine Center. BEAR Innovation has allowed me to fund two different companies that I started. Even after all of the success that I have had over the past three years, I am most proud of the person that I have become both professionally and personally, and in part, I owe that to my mentor Maureen Cumpstone, BEAR Innovation, and the U-Imagine Center.”

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