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Ursinus Provides Pathway to Degree Completion for Cabrini Students

Teach-out agreement allows Cabrini students to transfer to Ursinus at no additional cost after 2023-24 academic year.

Cabrini University students can find a new home at Ursinus College following the 2023-24 academic year, opening a pathway to degree completion in Collegeville after Cabrini closes next spring.

The two institutions signed a teach-out agreement under which Ursinus will provide the required additional courses Cabrini students need to complete their degree. All Cabrini credits will seamlessly transfer to Ursinus with no maximum, and Ursinus will honor Cabrini’s tuition and each Cabrini student’s financial aid package to ensure that the students will not incur additional out-of-pocket expenses.

“Ursinus is steadfast in its role as an anchor institution and partner to our community. Cabrini University has been an integral part of our region for a long time. To not stand beside them as they go through this incredibly difficult time would be antithetical to the values upon which our college is grounded,” Ursinus President Robyn Hannigan said. “Providing a pathway for Cabrini students to continue their education is merely an expression of Ursinus’s continued commitment to keeping the promise of higher education.”

Cabrini announced in June that it will graduate its last class in May 2024 before it formally shuts down and Villanova University takes ownership of the campus. Ursinus will accept any undergraduate Cabrini student who successfully concludes the 2023-24 academic year in good academic standing.

“I’m pleased that Ursinus and Cabrini University were able to establish a teach-out agreement that will benefit Cabrini students,” Ursinus Vice President for Enrollment Management Michael J. Keaton said. “While I lament the closing of Cabrini, a place that—like Ursinus—has an incredible legacy and tradition and that has done a lot of good for many students, I’m proud that Ursinus will be one of the landing spots for students who wish to transfer and complete their undergraduate education.”

Cabrini staff will meet individually with all undergraduate students during the 2023-24 academic year to discuss and speak in detail about the opportunity to transfer to Ursinus and will support them to ensure a seamless transition to Ursinus in fall 2024.

“We are proud to add Ursinus College, a top-tier liberal arts college, to Cabrini’s list of official partner schools,” said Michelle Filling-Brown, Cabrini’s dean of academic affairs. “We trust that each of our partner schools can meet the distinct and diverse needs of our students. This is a challenging and emotional time for our students as they navigate the 2023‒24 academic year, and Cabrini’s academic leadership team is committed to seeing these students through to the completion of their degrees.”

Ursinus is one of four partner institutions to come to a teach-out agreement with Cabrini.

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