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Myrin Library Introduces EZBorrow

Myrin Library is pleased to announce a new interlibrary loan system called EZBorrow that all students, faculty, and staff can use to request books from other academic libraries in the region.  EZBorrow is used to borrow print books from members of the PALCI consortium, which is comprised of academic libraries in Pennsylvania and contiguous states.  As with our other Interlibrary Loan system, there are no charges to members of the Ursinus community for using EZBorrow.

This new system provides two key benefits to library users:

  1. Faster Turnaround times: Books borrowed through EZBorrow are usually received in 4-5 days, while traditional ILL often takes 8-9 days.
  2. Longer Checkout Periods: When you borrow a book through EZBorrow, you can keep it up to 4 months. The checkout period for traditional ILL is typically 30-60 days.

Users can begin their research journey directly on the EZBorrow platform or through a search of the Library’s OneSearch catalog. When searching in OneSearch, you will notice that some books are marked as “At EZBorrow Libraries”.  These books can be requested through the EZBorrow system using the request button on the book’s details page.

Other books will be marked as “At other libraries worldwide”. These books are not owned by any libraries in PALCI and will continue to be requested via traditional ILL.  Look for the button that says “Request Item Through Interlibrary Loan” toward the bottom of the book’s details page.

For more information about using EZBorrow, please visit the EZBorrow page of our Interlibrary Loan help guide. If you have any questions about EZBorrow or interlibrary loan in general, reach out to us at ill@ursinus.edu.

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