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It’s Banned Books Week!

Visit Myrin Library to see our exhibit highlighting books that have been banned and challenged in the U.S.

Inaugurated in 1982, Banned Books Week celebrates intellectual freedom and the freedom to read. The American Library Association defines intellectual freedom as “the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction.” This week, Myrin is highlighting books that have been banned or challenged sometime, somewhere in this country, including children’s literature. Stop by to see it, check out a book, and pick up an I Read Banned Books sticker or button!

Why is reading so important? Reading books helps us to understand our own personal beliefs and values and to reflect on what matters to us as individuals. But books not only help us understand ourselves; they also provide a window into the lives of people we may not fully know and understand, enabling us to learn to empathize with experiences outside of our own and consider others in our interactions. They give us the ability to consider the multiple perspectives of people in communities around the world, provide ideas and inspiration, and aid in developing a well-informed worldview. We believe that the freedom to read without restriction is a fundamental right, one that should be available to everyone.

The collection development policy at Myrin Library refers to these documents to uphold the principles of intellectual freedom:

Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries

Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement

Let Freedom Read!

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