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Last 3 Conversations About and Across Difference

A special treat is in store for our last three fall semester dates! Not only will you have a free lunch, for each of our last three lunch dates, we will randomly draw participants’ names to win prizes.

By now you probably know about Conversations About and Across Difference, an event hosted weekly throughout the semester aimed at building community, and getting comfortable with challenging topics and sometimes vulnerable questions. To celebrate the end of the fall semester, we invite you to save these dates and attend:

Tuesday, November 14: Mike Keaton hosts to discuss racial diversity on campus and the recent supreme court ruling about affirmative action

Thursday, November 30: Monique Kelly, Bekah Starr, and Xochitl Shuru invite participants to explore the topic of ‘Place of Origin’

Monday, December 4: Biology Professor Rebecca Roberts will prompt a discussion around invisible or hidden disabilities

Participants names will be entered and we will draw three winners per session to win DICE branded items as your gift. 

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