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Dr. Mulryan recently published article in Educational Theory

Dr. Seamus Mulryan recently published an article, “Ethical Diversity, the Common Good, and the Courage of Dialogue” in Educational Theory. The article responds to the deepening political division in the United States with a proposal that dialogue about questions that matter to a body politic require the ethical virtue of courage. Such courage, Mulryan contends, is necessary to militate against intellectual coercion and dogma. It is also necessary to engage constructively in a pluralist society.

Mulryan writes, “…I have called for the value of dialogue as conversation — as a letting go of expectations and courageously leaning into the uncertainty of what we might learn from someone else when they are also willing to do the same. If our educational models need anything in this time, it is to help us face our most difficult challenge: making indeterminate those beliefs that orient us in our moral space, whether the subject matter is about the powers and limits of free speech or about the nature and extent of racism in the United States; it is to make central the cultivation of dialogic courage.”

First published in 1951, Educational Theory has long served as an important forum for scholarship and debate in the foundations of education. Its stated purpose is to foster the continuing development of educational theory and to stimulate discussion of educational concepts and aims among educators.

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