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Center for Culture, Art, Training, and Education (CCATE)

CCATE’s mission is to ignite social transformation by developing the talents of and empowering the Latinx community through culture, art, career development, and education.

Based on family, student, and faculty interests and talents, we collaboratively design classes for youth and families. What makes CCATE unique is how through the intersection of our dreams and determination, we collectively create space for individual growth, community engagement and social change. Our vision is that, through holistic development of the community, the dreams of the Latinx community can be achieved.

At CCATE, we can use volunteers for a wide range of tasks.  Whatever your skills, it is certain you can contribute simply as existing as a part of CCATE’s community.  Our constant and most common need for volunteers is for the Technology room which is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  We are also regularly looking for people to speak at or help with workshops and our after-school program.

For an example of their student-developed artwork, see the mural called “Embracing Two Realities.”

If you would like to volunteer in any area, or have questions or ideas about volunteering please contact Melissa Ortiz (melissa@ccate.org).

Spring 2023- UC student volunteer 3 days a week and transportation is provided. Please reach out to UCARE@ursinus.edu for more information. Child Clearances are required to volunteer and UCARE can show you how to obtain them.

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