Living the Arts

Art should be an experience. It’s something to be lived and breathed rather than simply observed. There are many ways to live a creative life. At Ursinus College, students gain a sense of what it’s like to be a practicing artist, a performer, a writer, a researcher, or a curator in the world today through hands-on learning that allows them to put their talents on display on stage, in a museum, or on the printed page. The opportunities are endless.

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  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/192/width/1440/height/730/39985_Music_ensembles.rev.1649100969.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Ensemble of Music</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">The Ursinus College Music Department takes the study of styles and theory and blends it with performance opportunities to provide an in-depth understanding of music.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/about/arts/living-the-arts/ensemble-of-music/">Read More</a></div></div></section>

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/192/width/1440/height/730/39986_Lanterns.rev.1649101664.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Paging Through 90 Years of Literary History</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">Created in 1933 and published continuously since, The Lantern is believed to be one of the longestrunning literary magazines in the nation.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/about/arts/living-the-arts/paging-through-90-years-of-literary-history/">Read More</a></div></div></section>

  • <section class="large-cta" style="background-image: url('/live/image/gid/192/width/1440/height/730/39987_Exploration_of_Curation.rev.1649166668.jpg')"><div class="large-cta__overlay"><h3 class="large-cta__headline">Exploration of Curation</h3><div class="large-cta__caption">At the Berman Museum of Art, the divide between theory and practice and between art and research is nonexistent. They are one in the same.<br/><a class="btn-link" href="/about/arts/living-the-arts/exploration-of-curation/">Read More</a></div></div></section>