About the Plan

Focused on its mission and the distinctiveness of its programs, Ursinus has reframed the entire undergraduate residential experience around the Ursinus Quest: Open Questions Open Minds, requiring students to reflect not only on work that takes place in the classroom, but also in the research lab, on the athletic field, in the dining hall, in the residence halls, in campus jobs, in internships, and during study abroad.

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By asking students to use the four open questions to view their college career holistically, the college is effectively defining the elusive concept of “a transformative education.”

Adopting the guiding philosophy behind the four open questions, the task force developed its own set of four complementary questions to serve as a roadmap for campus master planning:

  1. What should matter to the college?
  2. How should we build community?
  3. How can we encourage intellectual engagement and risk taking?
  4. What should the student experience be like?

Our Planning Goals

The plan establishes a flexible framework that allows the college to focus on projects that support the innovative academic and co-curricular programs that define the Ursinus experience. With an eye to a decades-long time frame, the plan also identifies the short-term opportunities to fuel Ursinus’s growth in size, quality, and reputation. And what are the over-arching goals?

  • Address needs of increasing enrollment from 1,400 to 1,700 students
  • Integrate interdisciplinary campus organizational structure
  • Improve student housing experience
  • Connect campus across Main Street
  • Create a “working landscape” with a variety of campus gathering spaces integrated with the natural habitat
  • Address deferred maintenance needs across campus
  • Increase parking to accommodate enrollment growth and events