Our Vision

The plan establishes a flexible framework potentially allowing the college to focus on mission-driven projects that support the innovative academic and co-curricular programs that define the Ursinus experience. 

These examples envision what our campus may look like in 20 years. 

With an eye to a decades-long time frame, the plan also identifies the short-term opportunities to fuel Ursinus’s growth in size, quality, and reputation. The plan is organized under four high-level themes that completely connect the campus community. Each of these themes has a series of potential recommendations for the college to consider moving forward.

Our Themes and Potential Projects
IDC Dedication Ceremony

Academic Life

Create experimental classroom spaces 

Update classroom furniture and technology in Olin Hall

Provide upgrade to Music practice and teaching space. In later phase, consider possible addition to Kaleidoscope

Upgrade labs for Environmental Studies

Assess renovation needs for current Ritter-housed programs

Create hub of classrooms, offices and labs for Health and Exercise Physiology

Improve access to Berman classroom to expand use

Revisit Phases II and III of Thomas and Pfahler renovations

Consider New Art & Art History and MCS building with adjoining arts plaza near Berman Museum

Renovate Myrin Library with new north and south entrances, along with a new library plaza and donor plaza

Renovate Bomberger Hall if music moves


Student Life

Begin renovations of Main Street houses

Renovate Reimert Courtyard and building front

Renovate first-year residence halls, especially BWC

Consider new residence halls as population grows

Plan future Wismer Hall addition to serve growing student needs and population

turf arial


Provide enhancements to athletic fields to improve access and utilization, including synthetic turf for Wilkes Field

Add infrastructure, including restrooms and locker rooms, to support existing programs

Renovate and expand Floy Lewis Bakes Center to support the needs of students, faculty and staff, visiting teams and other visitors

Perkiomen Bridge

Community Life

Complete new campus gateway at The Commons building with monument directional signage, visitor parking and plaza

Paint smokestack as part of campus signage project

Complete tree trimming on Main Street Lawn

Create events center with event/overflow parking

Create alumni house social and programming space

Connect campus with surrounding trail systems

Provide additional periphery parking

Establish potential redevelopment of Main Street east of 5th Avenue in partnership with the Borough, particularly facade improvements at 5th and Main