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This occasion gives us the opportunity to honor our past and our long commitment to the liberal arts while also celebrating a future that holds so much promise.

Addressing the Graduates

In the above virtual experience,
actor and playwright Colman Domingo and astronaut Christina Hammock Koch honor the Class of 2020 with words to celebrate, uplift and inspire.

Colman Domingo, Actor Christina Koch, Astronaut

332553201601Colman DomingoColman Domingo


33256320400Christina KochChristina Koch


Every year at Commencement, Ursinus faculty receive awards for distinguished teaching, mentoring and advising, and professional achievement. This year we announced these awards in a somewhat unconventional way.

In an Ursinus tradition, last year’s award recipients announce this year’s winners. Check these out to see some of your favorite professors receive awards for their teaching, mentoring, and scholarship! (They were both surprised and delighted, and we hope you will be too.)

2020 Faculty Award Winners

Class of 2020 Photo Album

We asked for photos from seniors and families, and we received over 1100+! Enjoy these captured moments from the past four years. 



Alumni Messages to our 2020 Graduates

View All Alumni Messages

Celebrating our Legacy Graduates

Over a dozen 2020 graduates have a parent or grandparent who also graduated from Ursinus College— with many more seniors noting siblings, aunt, uncles and cousins with alumni ties. Here is a spotlight on just a few of these truly lifelong connections!


Flashback to Welcome Week

As the Ursinus College class of 2020 graduates, we take a look back at their very first days on campus to see just how far they have come!


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Class of 2020
Academic Honors,  Awards & Distinctions