Board of Trustees

Ursinus College Board of Trustees 2021-22

Name Affiliation
Wilbert D. Abele ’61 Retired - Henry Troemner LLC
Larry Barocas P’21 Snowden Lane Partners
Dr. William H. Barnaby ’64 Retired - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Patricia Clark Bowman ’73 Retired - OSHA
Bradley S. Brewster, Esquire ’74 Princeton Public Affairs Group
The Honorable Carl V. Buck, III ’84; P’22 Administrative Law Judge, NJ
Dr. Michael L. Carter P’04, P’07 Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Terry Connell ’72 The Connell Company
Philip Richard Flynn Corson ’04 Indian Mountain School
Patricia R. Cosgrave P’91 Civic Leader
Philip DeSimone ’12 Carbon
John M. Fessick ’85 Wells Fargo
Catherine M. Geczik ’84 Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Dr. Carol K. Haas ’70 Retired - Dupont
Graham C. Mackenzie ’74 VISA
Michael P. Markman P’20 BET Investments
Cynthia J. Martin ’78 Hirsch & Associates, LLC
Carol A. McIlhenny ’84 P’21 Quest Diagnostics
Kelly Finch Mobley ’82 Retired - PNC Bank
Nancy Opalack ’71  
Dr. Donald E. Parlee ’55 Retired - Parlee & Tatem Radiologic Association
Michael T. Piotrowicz ’78 Legacy Advisors, LLC
Dr. David N. Rosvold ’80 Mercer Bucks Cardiology
Karen E. Scheu University of Maryland School of Nursing
Christian P. Sockel, Esquire ’93 The Hill School
Nina B. Stryker, Esquire ’78 (Chair) Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Dr. Margaret A. Williams ’80 Retired - Cray Inc.
Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78 , P’18 (ex officio)