Alumni Messages to Graduates

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! While COVID has certainly turned your world upside down, don’t let it damper your excitement or achievements. You have successfully weathered countless exams, lengthy papers, and long study sessions; you got this! As you embark on life after Ursinus, be open to different possibilities. Your career and professional journey is a marathon, not a sprint; your first job may not check every box and that’s ok. Focus on building your personal brand, expanding and cultivating your network, and learning from different experiences. You’ve completed 4 years of challenging curriculum and you are well-prepared to take your learnings and critical thinking to contribute to a new mission. Wishing you much success on your next chapter!

    - Meg Dresher ’02

  • As I write this during quarantine, I can’t even imagine missing my last few months at Ursinus. However, that’s just three months out of 3.5 years of memories you have all made as bears and I know those are some amazing ones to cherish. Don’t forget how those 3.5 years have made you into the person you are today. Congratulations Class of 2020!

    - Abby Goldstein ’19

  • I was a Math major and Physics Minor. There was only one Comp Sci university in the nation in the early 60’s. Upon graduation,I was hired and trained by IBM…and I worked 55 years as a software developer. My advice…use your degree and your brain to pick a career that will give you similar success. And don’t give up in life…keep a straight course. Best of Luck

    -Duke Duffie ’65

  • Congratulations, Graduate!!! This long weird road has been fraught with hard work and obstacles, but you did it!! You are being robbed of a quintessential collegiate experience in celebrating the culmination of your hard work with your classmates and loved ones. It’s OK to grieve. It’s OK to feel angry or scared. While you were likely still a toddler, I was an Ursinus student studying abroad in Italy when September 11th happened. It was a harrowing experience where we were deprived of accurate news and struggled with contacting our loved ones. We were terrified. But during that time and in the months after, I came to learn how strong our community is. Back in Collegeville, Ursinus students lined up around the block and waited for hours to donate blood. In Italy, signs went up in shop windows in English and Italian proclaiming support and safe spaces for those of us studying abroad. We leaned on one another as news trickled over to us from home and shared whatever resources we had. When I look back on my time at Ursinus, it isn’t the classroom lessons that flood my memories, but the connection to community and how it has served me in my life since. I was uniquely prepared for graduate school because of my classroom discussion experiences at Ursinus. Right now, you gave been deprived of those live experiences in a way that I cannot imagine. But the Ursinus community is strong and so are you. Keep your connections alive and forge ahead. You’ve worked hard for this and you deserve to celebrate. Believe it or not, one day, this will honestly be a story you tell when people ask you “where were you when…?” Until that time, take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. It will be there. Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment and best of luck in whatever you are choosing to pursue next. You’ve got this!

    - Amy Scarantino Cocca ’04

  • Congratulations, Seniors! You deserve to know you’re just as accomplished and prepared as any class before you for life beyond UC. Now you’ll be all the more resilient, too. I’m sorry you don’t get to experience all that goes along with the wrapping up and sending off of an Ursinus career. That is real loss and it’s okay to feel some way about it. And, at the same time, that sacrifice is helping millions of people stay safe and alive. It may not feel like it, but you’re all heroes in my book. And you have the Ursinus Community’s full support to help with this transition. We’re proud of you! You still did it!

    - Cydney Van Dyke ’13

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You have worked hard and face a world of uncertainty. Your sense of common sense is greatly needed in our mixed up world. . Unlimited opportunities lie ahead of you, but Ursinus has put you on a firm footing to not only face them, but to take advantage of them. As a Christian founded college, Ursinus continues to guide through righteousness. Having a firm grip on the demarcation of right from wrong is the basis upon which success is assured. God is with you, you be with God.

    I am 94 years old, Having raised a wonderful family, served a business executive positions and:thirty three years in state and local government, whic included eleven years as the Mayor of Ambler and fourteen years as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. I have written three books and been included in Marquis Who’s Who. I consider that my lie has been very productive and I credit my experiences at Ursinus to have laid the ground work and prepared me for the openings which came before me.

    I wish you well. You are needed to counter some of the foolishness bring proposed in today’s culture. My prayers and best wishes go with you

    - George Saurman ’50

  • You did it!! You should be so proud of yourself for all the work it took to get you to this exact moment. Congratulations and go live the life you’ve dreamed of!

    - Payel Girwarr ’18

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  • This is an incredibly difficult time and unbelievably unfair that all of you cannot celebrate your achievements in person. In my journey, I have always found adversity to muster an inner strength I would not have recognized in myself. Hopefully, this period of time will motivate all of you to use your talents and knowledge to make sure we never experience a time like this again. All the best and congratulations!

    - Rebecca Kolp, MD ’91

  • Good luck Connor in your future endeavors!!

    - Amy Short ’95

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!! It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming you all to campus for the first time! You have grown and done wonderful things over the last four years and I know that your future as a UC bear alum will be bright. I cannot wait to see you all change the world!!

    - Audrey Simpson ’19

  • WOW, YOU DID IT! A special Congratulations to you. This last semester was tough. Not only because of those nasty viruses, but because you were SO done with it all, you barely pushed through that last research, that last treatise, those last exams. Am I right or am I right?

    It’s been 51 years since I graduated. As I look around my home, I see a lot of “stuff” that I spent my time and my life collecting. Don’t do that! Tomorrow you’ll roll out of bed and you’ll be 50. The next day you’ll roll out of bed and you’ll be 70.

    That is exactly how it feels. When it happens to you, I wish you, not a pile of stuff, but rather a pile of wonderful friends, a happy family, and many memorable experiences.

    So, get out there. Find something you love to do. Then figure out how to make a living doing it.

    - Carol Martin, ’69

  • Welcome to the Alumni of Ursinus. Thank you for being a part of the high standards that Ursinus expects of us. May these good days guide you and us as we look forward into our world with many questions and changes and also a great deal of hope and joy. Congratulations!

    - Edward S. Gobrecht ’59

  • Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! I remember the mixture of excitement and nervousness for the future upon graduation, and I imagine this pandemic has increased those nerves, but know that the Ursinus community is immensely strong. You’re facing challenging times, but the UC community is always there to support and celebrate you. So celebrate as best you can right now, and take this time to enjoy a hard earned break. You’re on your way to great things!

    - Sabrina Pfeiffer ’14

  • Congratulations Haley O’Malley!!! You have accomplished amazing things while at UC and we are unbelievably proud of you. Can’t wait to see all you accomplish in the future!!! We love you!!!

    - Mike ’87 and Kelee ’86 O’Malley

  • Congratulations, Class of 2020, including my son, Domenico Mazzeo! As Ursinus’ Sesquicentennial Class, you already were a special class. Now, with the Coronavirus, your class will have other special distinctions too, some not so good, but nonetheless yours will be a very memorable class. Best of luck to each of you as you advance at your own speed towards whatever goals bring you happiness.

    - Frank Mazzeo ’88

  • Congratulations on graduating Ursinus! Not an easy feat. I’m sure this situation is providing many disappointments for what you expected of your senior year, but remember this doesn’t negate your experience thus far. Wear it like a badge of honor and know it’ll be a great networking ice breaker as you enter the next stage of education or your career!

    - Tavenner Bonsall ’07

  • Ciao & Aloha from San Francisco! As I plan graduation for my Italian Immersion preK - 8 school in San Francisco. The world is an amazing place – even during these historic times. A parent at my school (who I’m certain you use the app he invented daily!) said this to me a month ago, “This is a new season, with its own charm”. Hoping you find the charm in this most unusual of time to graduate. Ursinus led me on a great path – and made me open to the world. Wishing the very same for you!

    - Shannon Cleary ’92

  • Congratulations on successfully completing the challenge of obtaining a superior education. You are now entering a world with new challenges. We the alumni know you will do well.You are well prepared.

    - Mark Gordon, MD ’64

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Congratulations!!!! As the next few years fly by, you will forget about all the hard work, and late study sessions, and truly appreciate your time and experiences at Ursinus. Never stop following your dreams and don’t forget about the bonds you have made during these past 4 years. And always continue the work to try to make the world a little better than you found it.
    Congratulations again, on your well-deserved success, and best wishes for your next adventure!

    - Priscilla Garcia ’13

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • While the pomp and circumstance is missing, all the wonderful memories of your time at Ursinus are not missing. I have pictures of my graduation, but perhaps with age the actual ceremony itself has faded. What is still going strong is my friendship with two amazing woman who are still friends today, some 45 years later. We still remember a lot of good times and fun. We met on the very first day and all majored in math. They have been there by my side at times of joy and, perhaps even more importantly, at times of sorrow.
    I hope this type of strength follows you the rest of your life.
    Congratulations on graduating from one the BEST colleges around.
    Go bears into the world and do great things!
    - Pat (Sniger) Rahmlow ’75
  • Congratulations on your accomplishments and completion of this chapter of life’s journey. I am confident that Ursinus has provided the tools with which you will embark on incredible adventures, challenging situations, and rewarding endeavors. Take stock in what you have achieved, as it is significant, and look forward to all that the future entails. Great work! Congratulations!

    - Daniel Simon ’97

  • May the new ways of connection, learning and community learned during this pandemic enhance your ability to be the best you can be in all your future endeavors! Wishing our graduating seniors all the best ….. from a fellow Bear.

    - Janel Rice ’00

  • Congratulations to the Ursinus Class of 2020! You now have the education to excel in whatever endeavor you take on. For continued success as you go forward, remember to; stay positive, be appreciative, thankful and patient. God bless!

    - Stephen K. Miller ’75

  • Congratulations! Graduation is the beginning of a life long journey of knowledge and experiences. May your journey be joyous and blessed.

    - Denise Hale ’89

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  • Congratulations on this accomplishment! You will always have a family in Ursinus.

    - Jeanette (Benfield) Schmoyer ’63

  • Congratulations on graduating!! Take the knowledge, skills and hard work ethic that you have learned at Ursinus College and pursue all your dreams. Wishing you all the best for your bright future!

    - Brittany Stofko ’02

  • I want you to understand that your time at Ursinus has prepared you for the future. The cultural experience and interpersonal skills you have developed by being part of the Ursinus community will provide both long term and short term skills to deal with the future.

    Flexibility is not necessarily the first skill one thinks of, however, in the world today you have to be “quick on your feet “ in every aspect of life. Plan A is important for your career and life, but this old classmate recommends Plan B, C, D and E.
    Then keep your “head up” and expect the unexpected. Stay smart and be safe!

    -Larry Saunders ’70

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Discover your passion and don’t focus on what your “job” will be. You will be able to figure out a little bit of the first now, but you likely will not figure out the second. The money will come later, but more importantly, the satisfaction and happiness. Also, spend at least one semester or summer abroad, or you will always wonder about what it would have been like.

    - Kevin Trayner ’87

  • Ursinus taught us how to navigate the uncertain with confidence, poise, and humility - it was the lasting impression of CIE; it was the philosophy that guided sports teams, club advisors, residence life programs; it was how we decided which station to get our next course from during epic Wismer sits. You deserve every ounce of the celebrations that are in store as a recent graduate of Ursinus College, and I’m sorry that some of the plans for your final months on campus changed so dramatically and unexpectedly. But, your Ursinus experience is only beginning and you’ll find that the lessons, knowledge, experiences, and, most importantly, relationships have only begun. You will always have Ursinus and I hope that you always share your future time, talents, and support with Ursinus. Even though we likely have not met before, I want you to know that I am proud of you and proud to be an alum alongside you. Congratulations!

    - Jake Kohler ’13

  • Dear Class of 2020, There is no doubt, you made it through some discouraging circumstances. You guys are troopers. Your experience at Ursinus is not about the last few months where your time was cut short. It’s about the last 4 years, the character that flourished, the friendships that grew, the memories that were made, the education you earned, and the opportunity you had to enjoy your college life to its fullest. It may have been cut two months short, but you have four years of unforgettable memories to treasure and walk away. You will always have a place to call home at Ursinus. These are your stomping grounds and we applaud you for overcoming the challenges presented during these times. Caps off to you graduates, well done! Shout to Justine Cinalli, the last sister of the Cinalli legacy has finally graduated.

    - Devan Cinalli ’17 and Kelly Cinalli ’14

  • Congratulations- Ursinus classes are difficult and you made it! Four years can really fly by and I have a hard time trying to remember it all. But always remember to touch base- be it with your best mates, liking posts from an organization or club you were involved with, or visiting for events. UC is much more than just a solid education, and you can always go back home even if you’re not physically on campus anymore. Get excited for your next big thing. It’ll be here before you know it. Cheers to you!

    - Megan Sear ’18

  • You did it!! I still remember my time at Ursinus like it was yesterday. Four years of hard work, dedication, countless memories and friends that turned into family. Whether you’re about to start a new job, continue your education or you’re still figuring it out, Ursinus definitely prepared us for the real world. So say confident and good luck on your next chapter!
    - Shreya Nidadavolu ’13
  • Congratulations seniors! You have managed to make it through the end of a school year year full of uncertainty and hardships. While it may not have been ideal, this experience will only make you stronger. Keep those heads held high as you continue on to the next phase of your lives. Good luck out there with all of your future endeavors.

    - Chelsea Harris ’14

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Congratulations! We welcome you to our large Ursinus family of graduates. You are in uncharted waters, but I am certain that Ursinus has prepared you for whatever you face. Remember, you are not alone!

    - Dr. Lorraine L. Lee ’64

  • Ursinus College offers a high-quality liberal arts curriculum and beautiful campus in a small community. My four years at Collegeville prepared me for a fulfilling forty-five year career in public and higher education.

    Foremost were the teachings of professors such as Drs. Donald Zucker, Eugene Miller and William Parsons. Their wisdom and guidance prepared me with the tools to be successful as a caring, thoughtful citizen.

    Ursinus developed traits such as inquisitiveness, tolerance, loyalty, compassion and open-mindedness as well as skills in communication, critical thinking, empathy, evaluation and listening. I will always be grateful for an Ursinus College education.

    Congratulations on Your Graduation from Ursinus College. You are now a member of a loyal alumni. We wish you the best in your future.I graduated in the Class of 1964 and am very proud of your accomplishments.

    - George Bonekemper ’64

  • Dear Ursinus class of 2020 - congratulations on achieving this big milestone! While this year will feel different than other years, it does not undermine the countless hours of work and effort that you have put into achieving your success. As you begin your next life adventure - whether that be in starting a new job to launch your career, continue your education at the next level, or enter into a period of unknown next steps - trust that you will be starting with a solid foundation of knowledge that will serve you well. Continue to connect with your friends and the Ursinus staff and rely on those connections to help you as you move forward. Regardless of your direction, you should be proud of this accomplishment and should take a moment to celebrate it! Congratulations and best wishes!

    - Dan Uba ’06

  • I am truly sorry that you will miss the excitement of graduating from Ursinus this spring. I have fond memories of that day in June 1955 (yes, a long time ago!), but I knew then that I had received the best education possible and that it would serve me well in the days to come. Your education at Ursinus will also - and I wish you the best of everything in the future, whatever your choice of career or further education. Ursinus has given you a strong foundation. Use it wisely and enjoy the fond memories of your years there.

    - Joan Kurber ’55

  • Congratulations on this achievement! Be patient with yourself - the years after college are a wild ride, but never doubt that you’ll get where you’re meant to be. A special shout out to any Musser House seniors, keep those connections you have made alive!

    - Karen Levandoski ’12

  • You are way more adaptable than you know! This is an incredibly strange way to finish your college experience and begin your adulthood, but I know that each of you will find a way to still thrive during this time. You have the advantage of being young and flexible - you will find ways to grow in ways you never thought possible before this pandemic. Keep dreaming, keep working hard, and keep knowing in your heart that you will find the path you were meant to be on!

    - Jonelle Karasow ’07

  • Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, and becoming all that we can be. If we do our best, we are a success.

    - Cliff Reinert ’79

  • Although these are uncertain times, you can be sure of one thing: you should be incredibly proud of yourself for what you’ve strived for and achieved over your past four years! Follow your heart, take chances, and use this opportunity to pursue your dreams in whatever way possible- even if that way might be unconventional under today’s circumstances or constraints. Keep moving forward with a goal in mind, and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate yourself! I wish you so much joy, happiness, and success. Best of luck!!

    - Jennie Kuhn ’14


  • You did it! All the hard work, late night studying, early morning practices and evening rehearsals, weekends volunteering or working, and the countless other activities you participated in have gotten you to this point, one you should be very proud of. You are no doubt leaving Ursinus during an uncertain and scary time, but more importantly, you leave with an Ursinus education that I know has prepared you for this moment and you are ready to meet it!
    The celebration you anticipated sharing on campus with your friends and family will now need to be different, and while that is disappointing, I hope that you will still feel all the pride and joy that you have earned for all that you have accomplished.
    We can’t deny that the immediate future will be not be easy, but we will get through this together and better times lie ahead. After graduation, some of you will start or job or continue your education and for others your plans may still be evolving. No matter what the future holds for you, I have every confidence that your Ursinus experience has prepared you for whatever comes next.
    Congratulations and welcome to the family of Ursinus alumni!
    - Michael Harper ’87
  • Congratulations! I know its hard to see right now but years from now you will look back at this time and realize that it was a defining time in your life but not as defining as the previous three and a half years you’ve spent on the Ursinus campus. Work hard, stay focused and be safe. You have the Ursinus Family behind you.

    - A.J. Olszewski ’90

  • I first of all want to congratulate you on the completion of your studies at my beloved alma mater. It’s hard for me to believe that it was 60 years ago that I was graduated from Ursinus.

    My guess is that in the years to come you’ll be able to say what I’ve said many times, namely, that my years at Ursinus were among the best years of my life. My very best wishes to you.

    - Robert Hunsicker ’60

  • I know that these times right now are unique and challenging, but I’m so proud of your accomplishments! Good luck in everything that you want to and will achieve, and trust when I tell you that Ursinus prepared you well!

    - Melonie Phillips ’14

  • Well done! Graduating from Ursinus is an accomplishment which will set you up for the rest of your life. Choosing to attend such a very special college was a fantastic first step in a life of purpose, guided by the values the college encourages. It made a huge difference for me, one which has become more apparent in the fifty years since I graduated. Take your time to think things through, consider the consequences of your actions for the world, not just yourself, and check out the proposals to save our planet. The Green New Deal is one the most hopeful proposals I have encountered since leaving Ursinus. I wish I were was young as you so that I could devote a long life to make it a reality. In any case I will devote the rest of my life to it. God bless.

    - Linda (Richtmyre) Hay ’69

  • Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed your time at Ursinus like I did. I still look back at my time on campus with fond memories and I have lifelong friends that are amazing! Especially now, things might be difficult/wierd after graduating but you will come out ahead. Ursinus does set you up for success in your respectful field so be patient but don’t ever stop pursuing your career! It’s all worth it in the end.

    - Colleen Monahan ’15

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Congratulations on this accomplishment! You will always have a family in Ursinus.

    -Meaghan Reid ’10

  • This is only one chapter. If you wasted this time, fix it now. It’s never too late to be the person others believe you can be…..

    - Anthony Ciarlello ’00

  • Congratulations UC Class of 2020! Embrace the opportunities and the challenges in front of you with thoughtfulness and confidence! You are full-grown Grizzly Bears now … with diplomas … so use this awesome power wisely and go make our world a better place! Wishing you all the best that life has to offer!

    - Mark Schwarz ’92

  • Congratulations to you on this accomplishment! The college journey is one you will never forget! You may find yourself often thinking about that class you had or the professor that gave you the wisdom that prepared you for a particular moment in your career. God Bless you as you take the next steps in life and remember that Ursinus will always be there for you in the future in many ways that will surprise you!

    - Susan Winters-Griste ’95

  • Life at Ursinus brought me some of my best memories & experiences, and, even though something so widely improbable stopped your senior year in its tracks, I hope that you can carry the good times at UC with you for the rest of your lives. Last month, I ran into a young woman wearing an Ursinus tee at the store, and I mentioned that I had graduated from there. She said she was a senior at UC and had just come home. What impressed me the most in our conversation was her positive attitude and handling of the challenging situation. I hope for you that same attitude in life, no matter what adversity you might face. Lastly, never ever stop learning and be willing to try something new. “Do try, for who knows what is possible?” Best of luck to you in the future! #ClassOf20204Ever

    - Bridget Algeo ’89

  • Congratulations! Very happy for you and proud of all you have accomplished. Now, more than ever, we need smart, strong, caring Ursinus grads in the world. Even if your last months of school and if graduation were not all they should have been- you are just that now, an Ursinus grad, capable of great things. Go be great. You were educated for nothing less.

    - Sara Jacobson ’94

  • Congratulations Kayla Hoffman!! I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown as a person and as a student. You’re going to do great things and become a powerhouse! I can’t wait to cheer you on, Kiddo

    - Chelsey Thomas ’19

  • Each Class has its share of difficulties and challenges. Perhaps your Class has more than most but continue to believe in yourself and the education that you received at Ursinus! I found my time at Ursinus to be magical and Ursinus helped me become who I am today and to transition from a kid into a man. Do your best always no matter what. Do not ever give up in achieving your short and long term goals. Remember it is okay to be sad or down to due a failure–but only for 10 minutes!! The world needs all of you and I can assure you that the magic in you that was developed while you studied at Ursinus can CHANGE the world and create a great life for you! Best regards and health to all of you.

    - Jeffrey W. Niebling ’81

  • You may not realize it yet but you’ve made millions of little choices that brought you to this exact moment today. And congratulations, I’m confident your hard work and education the last four years will pay off as you enter “the real world.” You’re going to do amazing things and as a fellow proud alumni, I look forward to being in your network. Go bears!

    - Chelsea Sayegh ’16

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Congratulations,you made it!You are now a fellow alumnus 👩‍????. I am sorry you missed the usual end of school activities, but no one can take away your degree & the ambition you have for the future. Good luck & God bless you.

    - Emmy Todd ’49

  • Congratulations, you are now an Ursinus College graduate! That is no easy feat, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Being an Ursinus alum is a great experience because not only can you go out into the world of employment, graduate school, etc. equipped to handle anything life throws your way, but you’ll be doing so with a plethora of great memories and a community you can rely on. Ursinus will always be there for you! And I know this time can be scary. I remember being very excited to graduate, but I was sad when my four years of living at Ursinus ended. Navigating the world of adulthood was tougher than I thought…but I’m doing it! I’m out here living in the real world and I’m still a part of that Ursinus bubble! So please take this time to have fun and be proud of yourself in spite of everything else. You’ve totally earned it. Go bears!

    - Megan Burns ’18

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Have confidence, believe in yourself, pursue what is interesting and important to YOU. Success will follow.

    - Stephen Lockyear ’69

  • Like you, I graduated at a time of uncertainty. Jobs were difficult to find, and there were struggles. But the benefit of having a degree from Ursinus always stood me in good stead, not only because potential employers knew of the school’s excellent reputation but because I felt well grounded and competent due to the quality of education I received. Like me, you may find struggles, but also like me you will find a happy niche and prosper. I wish you the best always!

    - Linda Turnage Barr ’71

  • Senior Candids 2020

  • Congratulations! I hope your Ursinus years were full of amazing experiences, friendships, challenges, lessons, and memories that will serve as powerful springboards into the world ahead. Keep sharpening your minds, opening your hearts, and staying true to your core - then you’ll be able to tackle any challenges that you may face. Life after college is simultaneously exciting, confusing, freeing, often uncertain, but moreover, it’s an adventure full of opportunity! If that sounds scary, good! Take it head on. Jump in. Say “Yes”!
    Wishing you all joy, strength, peace, and love.
    - Erich Keyser ’16
  • Congratulations! You’ve put in the work to earn a degree from a terrific institution. Even more than the degree and transcript, you’ve learned an extremely important life skill that will equal or exceed them in importance: perspective. Ursinus has a way of teaching its students to be inquisitive, even skeptical. Your ability to see the world not just how it is, but how it could be (or *should* be), will be a powerful advantage that you can carry with you into any realm. Keep your sense of intellectual exploration and use your great perspective to its fullest!

    - Russ Krause ’06

  • Congrats to you all and staying strong during this time. You’re all in our thoughts!! We wish you the best and so much happiness and health in your lives. Be proud of your accomplishments. Ursinus is a forever family. Cheers!

    - Briana Keane ’16