Project Updates

  • The next steps in the construction process will necessitate the temporary closing of Campus Drive from Tuesday, Sept. 4, through at least Friday, Sept. 7. There may continue to be intermittent closures to Campus Drive during construction.

    Please refer to “Good Morning, Ursinus” and the Commons website for project, parking and closure updates.  Thank you for your continued patience as construction begins.

  • Due to the presence of construction vehicles on Fifth Avenue for the Collegeville fire house project, Campus Drive will remain open for Ursinus employees and visitors until construction on the Commons begins. The campus community will be notified before Campus Drive is closed for construction.

    Construction on the new Commons will require substantial changes to parking around Corson Hall. Those changes include:

    VISITOR PARKING: Spaces next to the hedges behind Corson Hall are now marked for visitors. Please do not park in the visitor spaces.

    FACULTY AND STAFF PARKING: Accommodations have been made for faculty and staff parking at the following locations:

    Trinity Church: 27 parking spaces are available at Trinity Church in the lot nearest Maples Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The church will notify Ursinus when special scheduling for funerals or other events occurs. On those days, college employees will be asked not to park there. Campus safety will provide those who wish to park in the church lot with a parking pass that must be displayed on the dashboard.

    Wismer parking lot: 46 additional parking spots have been designated for faculty and staff in the upper half of the parking lot closest to Wismer.  New signage is in place. Additional parking for students has been made available in the gravel lot. 

    New Thomas Hall lot: 14 parking spaces have been added between Thomas Hall and the Wellness Center for faculty and staff. 

    Thank you for your continued patience as construction begins.

  • After much anticipation and careful planning, the transformation of the Main Street entrance of the Ursinus campus will soon begin. 

    On Wednesday, Aug. 29, the area around Unity House and Keigwin Hall will be enclosed with fencing in preparation for the construction project. Unity House will come down on or about Tuesday, Sept. 4.

    To ensure safety for all vehicular traffic and pedestrians, Campus Drive—the main driveway to our campus from Main Street—will be closed beginning Aug. 29 and will remain closed until the Commons construction project is complete. 

    Due to the closure, traffic will be directed to enter campus via Fifth Avenue. The Collegeville fire house is still under construction, so motorists are advised to use caution when using the Fifth Avenue entrance to campus. 

    Additionally, several faculty/staff and visitor parking spaces near Unity House and Keigwin Hall will no longer be accessible during the construction project. 

    Parking spaces located immediately behind Corson typically used by faculty and staff will now be reserved for visitors. Faculty and staff will still be able to park in designated spots between Corson and Sprankle halls and in the lot outside of facilities, and additional parking has been created off of the Wellness Center driveway near Thomas Hall. Parking also will be generously provided by the Trinity Reformed Church United Church of Christ on the side of their building closest to Maples Hall.  

    The timing of this construction project coincides with the start of the new academic year. Your patience is appreciated as our community adjusts to the road closure and ongoing construction at our Main Street entrance. When complete, the Commons will be a vibrant welcome center that will serve current students, faculty and staff; prospective students and their families; alumni; and friends and neighbors. 

    Construction will last approximately one year. Ursinus is pleased to partner with Bancroft Construction Company, which will build the Commons. Construction updates will be shared with the campus community and posted to the Ursinus website.

  • Beginning on or about Wednesday, Aug. 29, Unity House, once known as Studio Cottage, will be taken down. 

    Last August, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, formerly located in Unity House, was renamed the Institute for Inclusion and Equity (IIE) and moved to a central location on campus. The decision to move the IIE was both symbolic and practical, but was necessary in order to help it assume a more central role in the life of the college. 

    For many of us, it will be difficult to see Unity House removed from our campus, but we are hopeful the new Commons will provide opportunities to create new memories for students, faculty, staff and community members. 

    Because the house has served generations of students, faculty and staff in many capacities, it is critically important to recognize its history and lasting legacy. The Institute for Inclusion and Equity, in coordination with facilities, has identified and collected items from the house that will be saved to preserve their history and meaning to the institution and to those who utilized this space. Please contact facilities if you are interested in seeing or learning more about any of these items.  

    Even as we look ahead to the construction on the Commons—which will serve as our new welcome center, home to our admissions offices, bookstore and a coffee shop, and a new hub for social activity on our campus—we recognize the significance of Unity House to many in our campus community and are sensitive to those who will be impacted by its disappearance from our landscape. 

    Thank you for your attention, and please be on the lookout for a separate email about the impact on traffic and parking on campus during the construction of the Commons.