Delegate Information

Invitations will soon be sent to College and University presidents. Each college is invited to send a delegate to participate in the ceremony.

We are honored that you are participating in Brock Blomberg’s Inauguration. We will be sending a detailed email concerning the event by the first week of October. 

  • We ask Delegates to arrive by 11:00am with their academic regalia. 

  • Parking is provided.

  • The day’s events include a luncheon at 11:30 with the Inauguration Ceremony at 2:00pm. 

  • There will be a casual reception after the Inauguration Ceremony. As part of the Inauguration ceremony, we welcome you to attend the various events happening through the week. 

We look forward to celebrating this important milestone in Ursinus College’s history with you. If you have any questions prior to the inauguration, please contact us at or (610) 409-3279.



We ask that you respond with your institution and delegate’s information.