campus candid 2 students on Paisley front lawn

Our Campus

The academic and social life at Ursinus come together on its green campus with shady trees, outdoor sculpture, and benches for quiet reflection, or wide spaces for group activities.

The 170-acre campus, which includes an organic farm, wooded trails, and a Main Street, is the ideal setting for liberal education.

Located in suburban Philadelphia, Ursinus has access to city-scale resources and opportunities while maintaining an intimate, academically-focused community of a small and vibrant college campus. Academic buildings, an art museum, the library, student center and residence halls intersect on a brick walkway. Several buildings are notable for innovation or for their history.

Notable Campus Facilities
The Schellhase Commons The Schellhase Commons Opened in 2020 and located at our main entrance, The Commons builds upon Ursinus’s designation as a destination campus for students, faculty, staff, friends and neighbors, and aims to strengthen connections with the local Collegeville community. It is home to Admission, the College Bookstore, Cafe 2020 (proudly serving Starbucks!) and meeting and event spaces with an eye for vibrant and diverse programming.
Innovation and Discovery Center Innovation and Discovery Center (IDC) A state of the art, interdisciplinary facility housing Ursinus’s Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good, which provides opportunities for students to become civically engaged scientific leaders. It is also home to the U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies, which encourages students to exercise innovation, leadership, imagination and creativity.
Berman Museum Ursinus students have the educational and aesthetic advantages of the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art, which offers exhibitions and events. The campus setting is enhanced by a collection of outdoor sculpture by noted artists, provided through the generosity of Philip and Muriel Berman.
Bomberger Hall from afar Bomberger Memorial Hall is the oldest standing academic building, completed in 1891, but renovated in 2006. Its auditorium, praised for its acoustics, is where the college choirs perform, and is the site of a concert organ.
Pfahler Hall in Spring 1 Pfahler Hall of Science, a stately 1932 building, was refurbished with an addition in 1998, and was redesigned to foster collaborative teaching and learning. Named in honor of Dr. George E. Pfahler, famed radiologist, Pfahler Hall is where Professor John Mauchly built key components of ENIAC, considered the world’s first computer, and where Nobel Laureate Gerald Edelman (Ursinus Class of 1950) attended classes.
Kaleidoscope exterior 5 Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center is one of the best spots on campus to let creativity shine.
With a 380-seat proscenium arch theater and a black box “experimental” theater, it houses ample space for Ursinus performers to display their talents. The Kaleidoscope’s workspace, lobby and outdoor ampitheater allow art and dance students to create and exhibit their many remarkable pieces as well.
Floy Lewis Bakes Sports Complex The Floy Lewis Bakes Center is the academic home of the Health, Exercise and Physiology Department, and also contains a state-of-the art fitness center, field house, pool and Helfferich gymnasium. The FLB Center links the campus to outdoor athletic and recreational facilities.
777 Main The Residential Village is a unique mix of traditional residence halls and historic Victorian homes. Visit
Ursinus students Madison Moses (left) and Jess Greenburg work on the Ursinus farm.   Hunsberger Woods is a wooded, 35-acre tract that the College jointly owns with the Borough of Collegeville. It is adjacent to the Ursinus Campus Farm.