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Quest for Success Strategic Framework

Those who defy convention with open heart and open mind are the ones who define an as yet unimagined and limitless future.

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We imagine a college that enlivens and enriches the mind through open inquiry, a college where we celebrate creativity and the free expression of ideas and come together to educate the next generation and all who follow.

Higher education is at an inflection point. The public’s trust in it is plummeting and even the nature of truth has come into question. Intensified by pressures on social and natural systems and persistent disparities in opportunity, Ursinus College must seize the moment. Remaining fiercely optimistic and purposefully open, the Ursinus experience will embody the power of a liberal education and manifest the full potential of people who share a resolve to make positive change happen.

Remaining true to its distinctive character and dynamic student experience, this Quest for Success Strategic Framework supports the college as it navigates the future to serve students and provide the world with the thinkers, doers, and leaders who will shape the world anew and aright.

Ursinus College, founded in 1869, evolved from its humble beginnings to become a college that purposefully cultivates the discernment and leadership students need to understand and achieve success in their professional, personal, and civic lives. Early on, Ursinus earned its reputation for spurring curricular innovations like the Common Intellectual Experience and by investing in the potential of every student—practices that remain core to its mission.

Since its founding, Ursinus weathered the turbulence of the times, holding steadfast to its mission as a college grounded in the liberal education tradition.

Today, Ursinus works across many disciplines, sectors, and geographic boundaries. We support our Collegeville community and endeavor to conserve and protect the health and well-being of people, places, and planet. We welcome home the Lenape people whom we acknowledge and respect as the first people of this land. Beyond our small corner of the world, our academic, research, and service programs span several continents. We imagine a world where exploring, questioning, and learning without inhibition is the norm; a world where we come together to embrace our shared future.

In our multiple roles, and leveraging all our assets, this is our vision and steadfast commitment to our future.

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The QUEST for Success Strategic Framework is supported by three strategic pillars which define focal areas for activities and initiatives that direct the college’s efforts to achieve its long-term goals.

Drivers of Change


Expenses exceed revenues

Over-reliance on endowment

Underfunding of depreciation and 
   capital expenditures

Lack of diverse revenue streams

Flat unrestricted giving rate


For the best students, staff, and faculty

For affordable, quality education

From regional public and private institutions

From opportunities outside of traditional higher education


Ubiquitous tech

Changing expectations

Shifting demographics

Rapidly evolving areas of study

Changing trends in philanthropic giving


Ursinus College Is…

We see questions as our path to understanding.

We are receptive to learning and unlearning, without ego.
Our actions are intentional and well-meaning.

We’re engaged and actively pursuing interests and opportunities.
We put in the effort for the results we want.

We’re connected and confident, and we support each other.

Long-Term Goals