Executive Summary

Ursinus College takes pride in being a place where education extends beyond the classroom in keeping with our mission to enable students to become independent, responsible, and thoughtful individuals through a program of liberal education. That education prepares them to live creatively and usefully, and to provide leadership for their society in an interdependent world.

“Every Student’s Success” builds upon the foundation put in place in the College’s previous strategic plan, Ursinus 150, which was constructed on three pillars: learning, living together and building lifelong connections.

The “Every Student’s Success” document takes care to focus on every student, including, and especially, students who have struggled to receive full equity and access within American higher education.

We view “student success” at Ursinus as surpassing the typical measures of academic success. Our all-encompassing vision focuses on developing persons of good character, equipped with the skills needed to build and pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life after they leave campus.

For college bound, transfer and returning students with a broad range of identities, life experiences and pathways to college, our key objectives follow:

  • For each student to build the ability to think and act independently, feel empowered; act with resilience when challenges arise and be open to new perspectives and experiences needed to be successful at and beyond Ursinus
  • For each student to leave campus as a motivated, life-long learner, confident in her/his abilities to meet the evolving and unpredictable demands of a changing world
  • For each student to excel at critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving
  • For each student to excel at social connection
  • For each student to graduate with a manageable debt load
  • For Ursinus to honor the individual identities of each student, and for the institution to cultivate a sense of belonging for each student, regardless of their origin or background