Implementation & Assessment

The QUEST for Success Strategic Framework is intentionally designed to be adaptable to new challenges, new opportunities, and new thinking as we move into the future. It does more than guide the college, it serves as a model for other institutions. Therefore, Ursinus is positioned to not only to achieve its goals and ambitions, but also to serve as a leader in higher education innovation.

implementation and assessment

A sustainable and resilient future for the college requires everyone to think and act boldly to define a future shaped by the authentic character of Ursinus. Our collective successes rely on the attainment of goals that are actionable and measurable.

The College Innovation Council, comprised of faculty and staff, shepherds new initiatives and transformational ideas from across all members of the college community. Working closely with the Budget and Long-Range Planning Committee and the president, investments in bold and innovative tactics and strategies are aligned with budget development and out-year planning. The College Innovation Council also oversees the assessment of strategic investments and monitors the college’s progress towards achieving its Key Performance Indicators.

The College Innovation Council developed and manages a process for submission to the QUEST for Success Challenge. Solicited from the college community, these transformational initiatives may be in various stages from conceptual to ready to implement. All require cross-college collaboration and buy-in for full implementation. All proposals must demonstrate an explicit connection to the liberal arts mission of the college, its values, and the goals of the QUEST for Success Strategic Framework. Projects are categorized as Flagship (Large-scale Projects), Discovery (Mid-scale Projects), and Explorations (Small-scale Projects). Mature projects, regardless of category can begin the implementation process whereby project costs are built into future year budgets as well as integrated into fundraising priorities. For those projects which need further study or a pilot to test the projects potential, the challenge supports projects at the ideation phase with the College Innovation Council supporting the incubation of the project and assessing its potential for implementation. At Ursinus, innovation is a habit, a mindset that we impart to our students. By intentionally embedding a process that harnesses the inherent creativity and passion of faculty and staff, Ursinus will not only reach its ambitious goals, but will tangibly demonstrate the power of the Ursinus open questions approach to all that we do.