Our Commitments

To manifest the full potential of Ursinus College we are committed to:

Financial Sustainability

We are making financial decisions against an uncertain economic backdrop. Exercising scrutiny and flexibility in our financial forecasting we recognize that substantial new directions are not possible without investment.

Growth While Still Being ‘Small’

We will offer a demanding and in-demand curriculum and a vibrant student experience. Community spirit and a close, collaborative community, extended beyond the traditional undergraduate experience, will further distinguish the college.

Supportive Workplace

Our community, known for its excellence, dedication, and exuberance for the Ursinus College experience, will live the values of the Okanagan Charter supporting the health and well-being of people, places, and planet.


Ongoing assessment of new and current activities will enable effective use of resources and installation of a culture of continuous and meaningful evaluation relative to our mission and goals.

Well-Being, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (WIDE)

These mutually constitutive values are the essential ligature that bind the college as ONE Ursinus representing goals to which we will continually aspire.

Infrastructure Investment

Creating spaces and places that strengthen the student experience we will improve and re-imagine campus infrastructure, including dining and residential experiences, academic spaces, and athletic facilities. Extending into the surrounding community, we will establish a vibrant downtown that enriches the community writ large.

Environmental Sustainability

We will steward our natural environment, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiencies. Leveraging our natural assets, a culture of sustainability will extend beyond building and renovation practices to include a cohesive policy, curriculum, and operational components that protect the environment.