Our Guiding Themes

In the spirit of life-long learning, we believe “success” does not simply end at graduation, but continues and evolves throughout life based on the individual’s values and goals. We’ve identified four interconnected themes that, taken together, contribute to our students’ personal and academic growth.


We recognize that the tapestry of backgrounds and skills that characterize each student is important and enriches the academic life on campus. Each student is an active participant and contributor to an Ursinus education, and their success is characterized by agency and growth.


Inclusion & Equity

Success is not limited to one area of the student experience, but cuts across all areas of a student’s college life – academic, social, personal, and financial. We should strive to understand the connections among these areas and make every effort to be attentive and responsive to them.


Student Experience

The college and students enter a contract where responsibility for each student’s ultimate success is shared. Students are active participants—they must invest time, energy, and effort in partnership with faculty, staff, and peers. Ursinus should always be an affirming, intellectual, and social home for every student.


Finance & Philanthropy

There should be an understanding between the college and the student of the financial investment they are taking on as they pursue their degree. Students must be able to meet their financial obligations without significant detrimental impact on their ability to pursue personal and professional goals.