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Pillar 1: Student Success

At Ursinus College, an open questions approach to learning and living will ensure courageous conversations across difference and cultivate the discernment and leadership needed to define, understand, and achieve success and lifelong fulfilment.

Ursinus College will prepare every student for success in their professional, civic, and personal lives through a transformational educational experience.

Strategic Initiatives

Offer a breadth of learning and development opportunities that facilitate the professional and personal success of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the public.

  • Create dynamic, open questions-centered, 21st century learning experiences for generationally and intersectionally diverse audiences.
  • Develop in-demand degree and non-degree programs aligned with Ursinus’s strengths at the intersection of disciplines.
  • Expand Ursinus’s global footprint virtually, reputationally, and in-person promoting Ursinus’s distinctive open questions framework.
  • Invest in 21st century teaching and learning spaces and technology.
  • Establish a vibrant college town through off-campus asset development, dining services, and bookstore partner opportunities, and external use of college facilities.
  • Create an ecosystem of holistic student and professional supports that enhances student outcomes, reduces performance gaps, retains talent, and fosters inclusive excellence for all members of the college community.

Key Performance Indicators

Enrollment and Retention

By fiscal year 2027, with a competitive and distinctive portfolio of curricular offerings, including a minimum of four differentiating programs, the college will attain and maintain fulltime equivalent enrollment of 2,000 generationally and intersectionally diverse students. It will attain and maintain a first-year retention rate of 92%, six-year graduation rate of 85%, and a student debt-to-earnings ratio of 35%.

Student Satisfaction

By fiscal year 2027, an average of 80% of seniors report they would “definitely”/“probably” attend the college again. By fiscal year 2027, 88% of students report they gained “very much”/“quite a bit” from their experience at the college, and 55% will report that 6 or more of their courses “highly challenged” them to do their best work. Among admitted students and parents, the college’s athletic reputation and opportunities will increase by 0.5% each year through fiscal year 2027.

Student Academic Experience

By fiscal year 2027, the college will ensure that 100% of students participate in at least two high-impact practices. Seniors will report an advising score significantly higher than college peers (>3), global engagement will improve by 5% year over year, and 5% more students per year will participate in national scholarship and fellowship competitions.