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Spring 2022 Timeline: Phase II

January 2022

Steering Committee previews spring timeline and begins preparations for community engagement and focus group sessions. We will clearly outline definitions of “success” through the four pillars.

February 2022

Launch focus group sessions with key campus audiences and create a complementary online survey for external audiences. Review early data and feedback from initial focus group sessions.

March 2022

Develop a list of emergent themes stemming from the on-campus sessions and the online survey, ultimately sharing that feedback—and refining those themes—with the broader campus community.

April 2022

Finalize themes while developing a list of priorities and related action items for the coming 12-18 months, assessing the budgetary and philanthropic opportunities associated with the outcomes.

May 2022

Present Phase II findings to the Board of Trustees and share all final documents with the campus community online. These are the foundational documents for Phase III.