The Student Experience


Ashley Henderson, director of the Institute for Inclusion and Equity
Dan Kelly, student conduct and Title IX coordinator

Ursinus is known for its close community and small size—both hallmarks of success. Students grow into themselves through this process of connection. However, we must strive to more evenly distribute this sense of belonging. Robust student support is essential to this process, as are (1) welcoming spaces and (2) clubs and organizations that allow students to take on leadership roles.


How can Ursinus extend a sense of welcome and belonging to all students, creating more interaction between students from different groups and dismantling some of the silos that isolate students from each other?

How can we create a greater sense of student voice and interchange with college leadership, so students know that their perspectives matter?

How can we help students venture into new realms to develop the agency and empowerment they will need in their future lives?