Uncommonly Ursinus

Ursinus is a prestigious national liberal arts college educating undergraduate students since 1869. At the heart of an Ursinus education is consequential learning resulting from personalized and rigorous education.

You begin, curious, engaged, and ambitious. You take the course, The Common Intellectual Experience, where self-exploration sets the stage for the next four years.

You graduate equipped in the knowledge, skill and judgment not simply to make a living but to make a life of purpose, with the knowledge to flourish as an individual and as a global citizen.

How does this happen?

Personalized Education

With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1 and no graduate teaching assistants, Ursinus gives you the privileges and responsibilities of becoming researchers, writers, thinkers and artists alongside your professors. Faculty and staff know you by name and can guide and mentor you in ways not possible at larger campuses.


Discover your passions and test ideas and values. Advances in knowledge and research are taking place at the intersections of disciplines. You may choose to double-major – to combine business and chemistry or history and media studies - gaining multiple perspectives to find innovative solutions. Ursinus students thrive when multiple interests connect and influence each other.

Experiential Learning

Prepare for the next chapter of your life with learning communities, writing-intensive courses, collaborative projects, undergraduate research, service learning, externships and internships.

The liberal arts plus approach means a campus community committed to proactively and systematically working with you on career counseling and placement, bridging the undergraduate experience to work and graduate study.

“ …Before my internship I did not know what I wanted to do after college, the only thing I knew was that I did not want to do research. When this opportunity presented itself I decided to give research a try and I fell in love with it. I met some very highly respected researches and doctors in the neuroscience field. They mentored me and taught me all about research and new findings in neuroscience. I now know what I want to do with my career after college. I plan to get my PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience and do research in the field, specifically on schizophrenia.”
— Jessica Bove 2014

“The Ursinus way: meeting your professor for coffee and talking more like colleagues than anything else, having a side of lasagna at their house to go along with a main course of paper revisions, being valued as a student with a keen mind, an individual with passionate dreams, but most importantly a human with a gentle and benevolent heart.”
– Kristin Cichowski, Senior Speaker at Commencement 2013

Dr. Jaroff works with a student.Dr. Jaroff works with a student on her summer fellow research.

“Every moment is a teaching moment. (Dr. Rebecca Jaroff) does not end a single class without connecting the topic to the daily lives of her students, which has taught me that every moment of my life, in and outside of class, offers an opportunity for growth … By praising my accomplishments and forcing me to critically analyze them, she empowered me to think about my own education and pushed me to discover strength in myself.”

– student nominating her English professor, for the Lindback Award, given for distinguished teaching