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What Matters to Us

The Ursinus educational philosophy encourages students to think for themselves, so that they may become mature, responsible independent adults in an interdependent world.

Ursinus students do not just learn science—they do science.  They do not merely write—they also publish. They learn foreign languages, then travel to other nations to use those languages in the context of the cultures from which they sprang.

The Ursinus educational philosophy is based on the belief that professor and student are equal and active partners in student achievement. Each contributes, each takes, and each grows and is fulfilled in the experience.

Personalized Education

With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1 and no graduate teaching assistants, Ursinus gives you the privileges and responsibilities of becoming researchers, writers, thinkers and artists alongside your professors. Faculty and staff know you by name and can guide and mentor you in ways not possible at larger campuses.


Discover your passions and test ideas and values. Advances in knowledge and research are taking place at the intersections of disciplines. You may choose to double-major – to combine business and chemistry or history and media studies - gaining multiple perspectives to find innovative solutions. Ursinus students thrive when multiple interests connect and influence each other.

Experiential Learning

Prepare for the next chapter of your life with learning communities, writing-intensive courses, collaborative projects, undergraduate research, service learning, externships and internships.

Our campus community, staff and faculty alike, supported by the Quest Core Curriculum are committed to proactively and systematically working with you on career counseling and placement, bridging the undergraduate experience to work and graduate study.

Inclusive Campus

We are compassionate and respectful of every member of our community, one that is and will continue to be guided by the principles of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect. We are a community in which all of its members feel affirmed, respected, welcomed and safe. It is the combined strength of the abilities, cultures/ethnicities, experiences, genders, religions, and talents that each of us brings to Ursinus College that are the cornerstones of our inclusive campus.