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Open by design.

At Ursinus, we have a curriculum based on curiosity and wonder. We know that the best leaders are often not the ones who have the answers - they are the ones who ask the right questions and actively listen to what others have to say.  We challenge students to question their assumptions, starting with their very first class.

Here, any one or combination of 70 areas of study develop the intellect and character needed for a rapidly changing world.

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Undertake real BioPharma research with faculty mentors; work at our unique centers for innovation, entrepreneurism and civic engagement; develop leadership skills; study and intern around the world; spend a semester living, learning and interning in Philadelphia. At Ursinus, our students are doing the work that graduate students do at larger universities.

Cultivate the judgment essential for leaders in business, medicine, the arts, media, law, teaching and research.  Studies show our graduates will change careers seven times during their work lives. One-third will work at jobs that do not yet exist! At Ursinus, you will learn how your passions are linked, how to make sense out of confusion, how to begin to combine your interests and to explore new ones, and how to put it all together. 

Explore 60 courses of study to experience and discover, to flourish both as an individual and as a global citizen. We blend rigorous work with expert guidance, allowing you to cultivate critical thinking alongside dedicated faculty.

Snapshot of the Innovation and Discovery Center

We believe in the power of “and”

At Ursinus, rather than limiting your interests,
we empower you to combine them.
It’s not about doing more–
it’s about making what you do add up to more.