Exploring the experiences of people of African descent in the African Diaspora, including the United States, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

African-American/Africana Studies (AAAS) students are curious, innovative thinkers. They strive to learn how the lives, voices and perspectives of black people have shaped the world and have been shaped by it.  Historical periods, contemporary movements, community values, cultural expression, geopolitical issues  –these and other subjects unfold through courses in this interdisciplinary program.  

Coursework has motivated others to study in Africa or to pursue careers in urban education and youth mentorship. Some AAAS students have worked with faculty to conduct and write important research.

December 7th, 2018

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    , 2018
    Celebrate Kwanzaa with the AAAS department!
    Lower Wismer

    Join the AAAS Program for an evening full of fun! AAAS’s annual Kwanzaa Celebration will feature keynote speaker Akanke Washington, Educator, and Activist! Performances by DJ Dr. O, Seismic Step, Brandon Winfield, and more! When you RSVP, dinner will be catered by some of your local favorites!