African American and Africana Studies Requirements

  • The African American and Africana Studies program provides an opportunity to study the experiences of people of African descent in the African Diaspora (including Latin America), the United States, and Africa. This program explores the human, cultural, social, political, and historical factors that have affected the experiences of African American and Africana people.

    Requirements for Minors

    A minor concentration in African American and Africana Studies consists of 20 credits including a 4-credit introductory course, AAAS-200. The courses in the minor deal with aspects of the African American and African Diasporic experiences as they have been framed by the peoples concerned and represented by others. In addition to AAS-200, students must take at least four courses from the following electives, with no more than two courses from a single department: BIO-151, ECON-110; ENGL-222; FREN-252; HEP-203; HIST-228, 251, 330, 332, 351, 426W; MCS-340; MCS/GWMS-319; POL-316, 348; RELS-225; SOC-255, 258; AMST-200. ENGL-212, IR-400W, POL-399L, and/or SPAN-440W may also fulfill this elective requirement when the topic is appropriate and with prior approval from the AAAS coordinator.

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