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AAAS Guest Lecturers

AAAS’s yearly guest lecturer program began with the visit of Dr. Babacar M’baye of Kent State University’s Pan-African Studies and English Departments.  In 2013, Dr. Rachel Daniel (UC/ English, ’06), then an American Studies doctoral candidate at University of Massachusetts, made it a tradition which Ivan Noisette continued in 2014.

Civil Rights Tour

Every spring, Rev. Charles Rice offers students who take his “Religion and Civil Rights Movement” course an opportunity to visit Alabama, Mississippi, and/or Tennessee. Students witness the power of place at meaningful sites and dialogue with activists from the U.S. Civil Rights Movement over Spring Break. 

Cloake House Guest Lecturers

Berlinda Garnett is an Emmy Award-Winning Producer for FOX 29 News (WTXF-TV). Currently, she serves as a Producer for the Enterprise Unit, which includes Investigations and Special Projects. She has written and produced hundreds of segments ranging from health to entertainment, fashion to money, food to pets, as well as numerous stories and profile pieces. Her diverse library of work also includes the highly regarded, prime time special, “Black on Black,” which explores the recent causes and ramifications of the uptick in violence in the African-American community among young black males. 

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