Student Perspectives

Our students talk about being an American Studies major.

My favorite thing about being an AMST major is that you study the same kinds of societal problems in multiple courses but learn to approach them from different perspectives. It really helps you understand why a sociologist looks at something differently than a historian, for example.  —Adam



For me, the biggest selling point about the American Studies major was what one American Studies student told me at the major/minor expo during my freshman year: “American Studies is the all-around perfect major for students who will never be content limiting themselves to only a single subject area.”  When he told me about the classes he was taking, all of which were different subject areas and yet all of which still counted towards his major, I knew where I belonged, that this was the major for me. —Patrick



As an American Studies major, you’re given a unique opportunity truly to understand American culture. You develop the tools to analyze this amorphous “American” identity from a variety of perspectives – whether it be through literary theory or dance movements. —Anna


To me, the American Studies major is the most beneficial course of study here at Ursinus. You experience new styles of writing, reading, and analyzing, and even begin to recognize opinions and facts you never noticed before. No other major can offer that. The diversity of the American Studies major is what makes it so special. —Nick


American Studies allows me to connect information from all of my classes and provides relevance to my everyday life. With its variety of methods, this major sometimes asks students to step outside their comfort levels, thereby becoming better all-around students. It also provides students with topics that spark class conversations and debates so relevant to Ursinus that they are often continued in Wismer after class ends. I can thank this major for providing improvement in learning skills as well as for the acquisition of new friends. —Ryann