Anthropology and Sociology

Whether by immersing ourselves in another culture, or by turning a critical eye on our own, anthropologists and sociologists seek to denaturalize the social forces that shape our individual lives. 

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In-depth study in a particular discipline is a key component of a liberal education. The mission of our department is to provide students with an opportunity for in-depth study in the disciplines of anthropology and sociology. Drawing on the American Sociological Association’s most recent report on liberal learning, we define in-depth study as “a process of intellectual development where students become increasingly independent participants in the discourse of the sociological [and anthropological] communit[ies].” In keeping with this definition, we aim to produce graduates who are capable not just of learning existing knowledge but of producing new knowledge, too.

Anthropology and Sociology News

A Love of Language: Tia Alan ’24 Earns Prestigious Fulbright Fellowship

As a Fulbright awardee, Alan will be a standalone professor at a university in Morocco for 10 months beginning in August.

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Anthropology and Sociology


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